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Cherwood House Care Centre

a leading provider of Residential and Nursing health care.

Cherwood House Care Centre Company Information


Prior to an admission, we encourage a prospective resident to visit as well as family and friends to view our facilities.
If a placement is to be made, a full assessment will take place to ensure all needs may be met. Information required would include GP. Details, past medical history, current medication, any specialist equipment needed, next of kin details, etc.
Emergency admissions are possible if the Home can obtain all information and equipment before a resident is admitted.
A weekly fee is agreed, as is the source of funding (i.e. fully private / part funding through local authority).
Our weekly fee includes all care, food and laundry. Luxury items and toiletries must be provided by the resident or their family.
Gratitude’s of gifts or money should not be given to staff members -donations may be made to staff or residents' funds and the registered manager or matron should be informed.
Clothing and valuables should be clearly labelled as we cannot be responsible for lost items.
Any valuable items, including jewellery, left on the premises with a resident will be at your own risk as they are not covered under our insurance policy. You are of course free to insure them separately if you so wish. If residents wish to hold more than £5.00 in cash, they must provide a small lockable safe. The key can be held by the nurse or senior in charge, if wished, or extra monies can be kept in the safe in the main office. We cannot be responsible for lost or mislaid monies.

Fees are invoiced four weekly in advance. We ask for payment within two weeks of receipt of an invoice.
Our fees are reviewed every April and October at the discretion of the Managing Director.
The financial arrangements are reflected in a contract signed by both parties prior to admission.
If a complaint arises, the procedure as stated in our "Complaints Procedure" (see Service Users Guide) should be followed.
A resident is admitted initially for an assessment period of four weeks - this is a settling in period.
On the rare occasion that the resident or their visitor causes anxiety or disruption within the Home, a meeting of all interested parties will be called. If problems cannot be resolved satisfactorily, a period of notice (usually four weeks but may be seven days) will be given by the Home and alternative accommodation must be found by the resident, relative or Care Manager.
Four weeks notice is required by either party.

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